Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Photo essay images

Nolan P (Boats). My second in command. He has been airsofting for about 2 years. He started with another friend at a party and he just decided to continue because it was fun.  Nolan recommends other people to play this because "it is fun and a great way to make new friends."

Shamen C. (The Newb). The newest member of PANZER 2-1 (the unit name). He decided to join the team to give airsoft a try. Shamen enjoyed his time there and has decided to become a member of my unit. He has been playing airsoft for about a month now and says he "isnt going to stop any time soon." Shamen recommends this because "It is great exercise and a great way to learn team work."

Ayden K (the Muffin Man). Ayden has been one of the earliest members of my unit and is probably one of my favorites. The paintbrush in his hand is his personal favorite weapon. When asked why he chose this he simply replied with "Bob Ross." then preceded to stab the camera man and 20+ enemies. He stated that he has been playing airsoft for about a year now and he wants "Everyone to play so he can 'Bob Ross them' when they get to the arena".
Finaly, the old unit. Panzer 1-1. This was my first unit that I started. Most of them disbanded when they left for college, or their guns stopped working. From left to right; Mason Meek (thing one), Maguire Meek (thing two), Ayden K (Muffin man), Nolan P (Boats), me Kyle Van Velkinburgh (fenrir/ bush-man), John G (Da Terminator), and some guy I don't know who decided to photo bomb us. Im gonna call him Bob (that one guy who no one knows but is just there for some reason).

Monday, March 20, 2017

clever girl

1. whats going on here?
2. why?
3. what do the words on the back wall mean?